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OrcaCon 2022

Hilton Bellevue 300 112th Ave SE Bellevue, WA 98004 United States View Map

07 Jan, 2022
09 Jan, 2022

Date & time

Fri, Jan 7, 2022, 10:00 AM

Sun, Jan 9, 2022, 6:00 PM PST

Welcome to OrcaCon 2022.
OrcaCon features scheduled games, open gaming, tournaments, panels/workshops, game demos, and more!

About this event

Welcome to OrcaCon 2022. 

2022 features scheduled games, open game areas, tournaments,
panels/workshops, and plenty of free game demos. OrcaCon caters to both
those new to the hobby and lifelong gamers who wish to explore new
games. We’ll be supporting a huge variety of board games, card games,
tabletop role-playing games, and miniatures games from the classics to
the latest and greatest. OrcaCon is more than just games (but we do love
our games)! A full schedule of panels and workshops is planned, along
with a Merchant Hall and more. 

Keep track of everything happening at OrcaCon at our website, http://www.orcacon.org

Follow our socials:

Do you have questions about OrcaCon? Email info@orcacon.org for information!

Registration FAQs

I got a credit on Eventbrite for OrcaCon 2021. How do I redeem it?

Here's the link for instructions on using your OrcaCon 2021 credit: http://go.orcacon.org/2021Credit

How do I make sure everyone gets a Sched login so they can sign up for games?

you register more than one person, each person needs to have their own
email address in the Eventbrite Order. When folks are registered,
everyone with a valid email address on the order will get an email
invite to Sched.com, our scheduler. If you registered more than one
person on the order and used the same email for each person, you can
email: info@orcacon.org with you order number and emails for the other folks on the order. Read more about Sched use here: http://www.orcacon.org/games-info/sched-faq/

What's the refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on OrcaCon Registrations.

Do I have to bring my printed Registration to the event?

Nope! No need to bring anything but your ID.

Is my registration transferrable?

do not offer transfers on Registrations. If you registered more than
one person, but used the same email for every attendee on your ticket,
you can contact us to change the email so everyone can use Sched, our
game/event scheduler. Email info@orcacon.org with your order number, and
the name/email of each person who needs to be updated.

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