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How to Buy a Home in Bellevue Redmond Kirland and surrounding Seattle area

Kirkland Library, 308 Kirkland Ave Kirkland 98033, Redmond, WA 98052

09 Feb, 2020
09 Feb, 2020

On Sunday 9th Feb 2020 at 1:00 PM

Hello Everyone, 

Are you currently renting, but would like buy your onw home this year
in Belleuve, Redmond, Kirkland or surrounding Seattle area this year? 

I can help you 

    1) Get Pre-Qualified with a Mortgage Consultant, and see how much you can qualify for (ex 300,000..) 

    2) Show you current and upcoming homes available in the market in this Seattle area with MLS available to only Realtors

    3) Schedule a time to show you homes within 1 week 

    4) Get you in a home within 60 days! 

For more information, Rsvp call Reena at 206-859-9528.

Reena Harkishnani, Real Estate Broker

Skyline Properties

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